Baby born with four legs and three hands

Baby born with four legs and three hands

A set of twins born last week had some striking physical differences – one baby had four legs and three hands.

Raji Gurjar, 24, gave birth in a state hospital in Rajasthan, northern India. She and her husband Badhulal had reportedly not attended any scans or check-ups during the pregnancy.

It came as a huge surprise when the couple’s son arrived with no issues, but his sister was born with an extra set of legs and a bonus hand.

The unexpected appendages covered the baby girl’s chest and abdomen.

Dr Rohitesh Meena, who delivered the twins, believes Gurjar was actually pregnant with triplets but two of the foetuses fused in the womb, meaning the girl is actually a conjoined twin.

He told media the baby girl had some minor breathing issues after birth and was put on oxygen support, but is now stable.

Dr Meena says the parents were “distressed” at the sight of their daughter’s extra limbs, but believes they should be able to be removed through surgery.

Metro reports it could be the first recorded case of natural-born triplets in which two babies are conjoined.

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